Steffany from the second episode "three cheers for evil"

  • she's the girl next door la la la la
  • she's the girls next door
  • the one for me
  • the girl next door la la la la
  • next door la la la la la
  • she's the girl next door
  • she is the one for me
  • the one for me la la la la la
  • she's the girl next door
  • the girl next door
  • next door
  • lalalalalalalalalal
  • My Babysiterr is a Vampier
  • you whant it that way?
  • fine lets play
  • let's selibrate cup cake dance party!
  • demmy doll

Welcome to the My babysitter is a vampire WikiEdit

it's about the new sereis on disny chanel first when benny brings dead animals back to life wich chear leaders vampiers and sinister dolls. The SEASON 1 FINNALY has arried staring the return of jessie so epidodes are not going to happen that much so be free to make character pages!

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